Investment Decision Technology (IDT) Software is a product for financial advisors that maximizes portfolio returns for their clients through an automation system that provides trade recommendations.


Our mission is to change the lives of money managers across the globe by providing technology that is strategic and effective for every investors trading needs.


Meet the Team

Paul Berry, IDT Founder

Paul Berry- IDT financial planner/adviser 

Known in Birmingham, Alabama for founding the Covenant Group (a financial planning and investment advisory firm) Paul brings financial expertise to the company. He believes that IDT Software's calculated financial decisions (when to buy and sell investment assets) will provide a better quality of life for individual investment advisors. He wishes he had this tool available to him years ago. Paul has a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Economics from Jacksonville State University, and his CFPÆ designation for the American College of Financial Planning in Denver, Colorado. He spent 17 years managing restaurant chains, and over 27 years managing investments for clients. 

Larry Garrett, IDT Founder

Larry garrett - The architect behind idt software

Larry has a history of taking on tough projects that many people would run from. His passion for solving business problems with technology and building strong client relationships makes him invaluable to the success of IDT Software. He believes that people who trust IDT Software as their money managing tool will have the opportunity to get back 70% of their time. Larry holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, with a minor in Business Administration and math from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. He has 25 years of Software Engineer experience in industries including telecommunications, banking, medical, industrial, nuclear energy and financial institutions. 

Mike Atkison, IDT Founder

mike atkison - systems engineer of IDT

Mike is an expert in computer systems hardware, software, networking design and development. His experience leads him to believe in the accuracy and reliability of IDT Software’s algorithm. Mike believes IDT Software is life-changing for clients and is excited about what the future holds for the finance industry. Mike obtained his Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of Alabama. He is a Systems Engineer with Mantissa Corporation in Birmingham, Alabama.


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