Benefits of using IDT Software

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The benefits of a broker dealer 

or an IAR investment advisory firm using the investment decision-making technology provided by IDT Software can easiest be placed into two categories – long-term benefits and short-term benefits. Let’s look at the long-term benefits first. Probably the most beneficial and most important to the firm and its advisors is the image of the firm. 

How would the image of a firm be enhanced and by whom? How would the enhanced image benefit your firm? These are easy questions. Here are a few answers.

  1. Your clients. The clients of every advisor should receive the greatest benefit of anything that the firm does. However, receiving reports and being told that their long-term investment performance meets or exceeds your portfolios underlying benchmark is the benefit that most clients want most. Not because of the performance itself but because of what that performance achieves – secure retirement, early retirement, paying for college education, trips, charitable giving, on and on.

  2. Other advisors. When the clients of an advisor perceive an increase in the value of your services, performance, and relationships they tell other people in their lives.

  3. Your advisors and their staff. Another group of people that will be cheering from the rooftops about how great your firm is will be the advisory as well as your staff. All employees want to work in an organization that is highly effective and efficient. It’s enjoyable and relaxing.

Short-term benefits of using IDT Software

  1. Lower overhead for you or an IAR firm.

  2. The average time requirement to manage portfolios has been reduced with IDT Software to around thirty minutes per day. Of course in large firms this could be a little more.

  3. The stress level of determining investment selections for the client portfolios by advisors is removed when allowing IDT Software to make the selections without emotions of fear and greed.


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