Why Kingdom Advisors?

Kingdom Advisors is a membership community of Christian advisors. The membership is open to any professional who advises others about their finances. These professionals can range from investment advisors to financial planners, tax and estate attorneys, accountants, stewardship and development officers and much more.  www.kingdomadvisors.com

The purpose of Kingdom Advisors under the leadership of Ronald Blue is to train professional advisors on how to operate their practice and advise their clients from a Biblical perspective to ultimately fund the Great Commission for this generation.

Once established, an enormous number of professional advisors wanted to learn how to achieve these goals. The number of advisors needed to work with current church members was calculated to be over 100,000. Most advisors felt that they were alone in their desire to be a Christian advisor and had little, if any, support. The desire for fellowship and encouragement was overwhelming. Over the past 10 years that Kingdom Advisors has been operating under Ron Blue’s leadership, the organization has grown from the founding 16 members, of which I was one, to over 2600 members today.

To meet the needs of these financial advisors from all professions, Kingdom Advisors developed:

  • An in-depth training program for advisors to operate their practice biblically and advise clients from all walks of life from a biblical perspective.  I advise any new member to make this the first growth step. There are plenty of CE credits for this course.

  • Monthly study groups, led by Kingdom Advisor members in their community, using tools on managing a practice biblically. Currently, there are over 2,000 advisors meeting in these groups.

  • Several universities are now teaching the Certified Financial Planning courses from a biblical perspective based on the Kingdom Advisors  training program above.

  • Now several broker-dealers and brokerage firms offer support to their advisors wanting to operate and advise their clients from a biblical perspective.

  • The Ronald Blue Institute was created for biblical education on how to handle your finances biblically for many groups such as high schoolers and homeschool organizations taught by Kingdom Advisor members.

  • There are now a multitude of investment firms offering investments based on biblical responsible investing. There is a group of Kingdom Advisors that created the Biblical Responsible Investing Institute (BRII)  that educates individuals and advisors on BRI along with offering several BRI third-party money managers. IDT software, www.idtsoftware.com , is an investment decision-making technology service using algorithms that I have created for investment advisors to use that want to manage client portfolios in-house from any perspective, including BRI.  IDT believes in meeting clients where they are spiritually with their investment portfolios and using it to open the door to a different perspective on how to invest.

  • Kingdom Advisors conducts an annual conference in February. In 2018, there were over 1,300 attendees. It provided biblical education breakouts, fellowship, networking, inspiration, and more.

  • Kingdom Advisors now conducts a radio show through over 1,000 stations all over the country and around the world reaching overs 675,000 daily listeners.


Those advisors who have completed the Kingdom Advisors training course and received the CKA designation can testify how their lives and career have been changed to something more rewarding than they could’ve ever imagined. Their business has dramatically increased its eternal impact. I encourage you to become one of the over 2,600 Kingdom Advisor members, to seek the CKA designation and be one of the over 1,300 conference attendees. Your life will be different and very meaningful if you do.


About the Author:

Paul Berry, known in Birmingham, Alabama for founding the Covenant Group (a financial planning and investment advisory firm) and co-founding IDT Software. Paul brings financial expertise to IDT Software. He believes that IDT Software's calculated financial decisions (when to buy and sell investment assets) will provide a better quality of life for individual investment advisors. He wishes he had this tool available to him years ago. Paul has a Bachelor of Science in Political Science and Economics from Jacksonville State University, and his CFPÆ designation for the American College of Financial Planning in Denver, Colorado. He spent 17 years managing restaurant chains, and over 27 years managing investments for clients.