Benefits of using IDT Software

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As an Individual, you benefit 

directly and most from the IDT Software Investment Decision-Making Technology.  The benefits from using the investment decision-making technology provided by IDT Software can easiest be placed into two categories – long-term benefits and short-term benefits. 

Long-Term Benefits:

  • Potentially receive long-term portfolio returns that meet or exceed your underlying portfolio benchmark performance.

  • Better returns from using IDT could improve your retirement lifestyle.

  • It can increase your chances of reaching other financial goals you may have like providing for your children’s or grandchildren’s education, a second or retirement home, become debt-free, provide funds for travel and create a meaningful charitable giving portfolio.

  • IDT could even improve your health due to removing stress from managing your own money in turbulent investment markets.

  • IDT could remove the fear of selling your business by improving the chances of your money lasting longer than you do.

Short-Term Benefits:

  • IDT can free-up your time to do more enjoyable things.

  • Improve your family life with the ability to do more activities.

  • IDT can help you manage your 401-K at work with little effort and help you produce better investment results.

  • The free time can allow you to focus on your work increasing your productivity.

  • The greatest need for most workers is to receive help managing their retirement accounts.  You can help them by telling them about IDT.

If you are managing your account yourself, at some point you may not be able to do so.  We can help you identify advisors that use IDT to carry on your productive portfolio management. You won’t have to worry about what will happen if you should become disabled or die.  You and your spouse can be cared for by an advisor that has the time to do so.

If you would like to find the advisors closest to you for you to choose from, just contact us.  We will send you contact information to a few firms.


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