Why should an Individual use IDT Software

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As an Individual investor 

the primary reasons to consider using the IDT Software, investment decision-making technology program is its quality, value and service.

Quality – The basic quality of the IDT Software program was derived by the deep financial and technical knowledge of its developers. The financial development input was provided from the twenty-seven-year financial experience of a Certified Financial Planner that managed his clients’ portfolios while owning and operating his own financial planning and investment advisory firm. The technical structure was developed by the over fifty-year experience of a software engineer and project manager. Over the 4 ½ year development, five distinct algorithms were developed and severely tested resulting in a product that effectively delivers long-term benchmark meeting or exceeding performance. It is a cloud-based product that cannot vanish. It allows you to have input and final control in the implementation process. It has no control over your assets. This is not a Robo advisor product. It is designed not to move the markets when buy and sell recommendations are made. It performs accurate back testing for up to three years on every portfolio.  Even if the back testing is performed a hundred times, the results will be exactly the same every time.  The IDT software program algorithms could be classified as the beginning stages of using artificial intelligence to manage investment portfolios. Over time, as artificial intelligence develops, the performance on the upside and protection on the downside of market swings should be enhanced.

Value – The bottom line value to you is that the IDT software program can be a no cost item. In fact, it could cut your research and portfolio management time by as much as 80 to 90%. In addition to this time reduction, the investment performance increase could increase your lifestyle by providing you more money to do what you would like to do. Also, the increased health benefits due to a reduction in the stress level for you could be greatly enhanced. However, you may already be past the health freedom level you desire and need an advisor to manage your assets but use the IDT algorithms to manage your assets.  If you would like a list of some advisors using our software that would accept new clients, please contact us.

Service – The service provided by the IDT software staff performed by actual humans. We will assist you in the selection of investment pool assets, whether they be mutual funds, ETF’s or individual stocks, but we are not allowed, due to government regulations, to make the selections for you. We will perform the back testing and explain the results to you. We will perform webinars to show you the internal workings of how the algorithms work. We will be available to educate you on what and how the algorithms are functioning and making decisions along with how it is reacting to market and asset category changes.

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