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Whether you are a single advisory firm with $10 million of assets under management or a mega firm with $10 billion of assets under management, IDT software can provide you the technology to meet all of your client portfolio management needs.

IDT Software offers technology to advisors and broker-dealers that uses five algorithms to make investment decisions. The algorithms are described as the ranking, selection, profit-taking, sell, and replacement algorithms. It manages portfolios using your selected pool of mutual funds, ETFs and individual stocks.  

Daily it analyzes your portfolio positions to determine if any of them should be replaced with a better performing asset from your investment pool.  When it's time to trade it will inform you of which asset to replace and recommend a replacement for you to implement. You receive these recommendations through an email alert notification. 

Our objective is to assist you in providing above benchmark long-term portfolio returns.

Once logged into your profile here is what you will see if you have a trade alert. 

A sample email of getting a trade alert notification from IDT Software. 

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  • Proven results with accurate back-testing
  • Long-term benefit of exceeding the portfolio benchmarks
  • Portfolio position results each morning with any buy/sell recommendations before the market opens
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  • Research time savings more than 80%
  • Improved client relationships
  • Increased time for new business
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  • Continuous education of how and why the algorithms are making the investment selections for each portfolio
  • Daily calculation of each portfolio’s standard deviation
  • Creating portfolios that meet the needs of your client

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